DEADLINE EXTENSION: The deadline for the registration to “From Gene to Protein Crystal Structure” School has been postponed to 20th December 2019 for sessions I and 15th January 2020 for session II 6월 모의고사 다운로드.

Registration requires:

  • CV
  • Brief description of the scientific project in which you are involved
  • Reference letter from your group leader/director 리니지 리마스터 다운로드. Please, add the following sentence to the reference letter: “the undersigned _____________________ group leader of the group _______________________ undertakes to complete the registration of the Dr cbrowser. __________________________________ (registered to the school) with the payment of the school fee in case of acceptance of the application by the organizing committee.”
  • General Data Protection Declaration (template)

Deadlines Session I (From Gene to Crystal):

  • NEW registration deadline 20th December 2019
  • Application evaluation 8th January 2020
  • Fee Payment within 15th January 2020

Deadlines Session II (From Crystal to Structure):

  • NEW registration deadline 15th January 2020
  • Application evaluation 31st January 2020
  • Fee Payment within 7th February 2020

Application evaluation will be sent by e-mail Opera web browser download.

Fee payment (350 € for each session) includes all lectures, course material, lunches, coffee breaks, and accommodation (from 21 to 24 January for the first session and from 3 to 6 for the second session) olleh navi 다운로드.

Please, remember to perform the payment only after confirmation of acceptance to the school 한컴 오피스 2014 학교용 다운로드.

 Registration and Payment procedure (Step-by-Step)
1. Perform registration to the Conference by sending the required documents to the e-mail of the school ( 나눔 스퀘어 폰트 다운로드. The subject of the e-mail has to be “GeCry School registration, Session I/II, Name/Surname”. Please, send all documents in pdf format.
2 Fences free download. Wait for application evaluation
3. Perform fee payment by bank transfer. Payment has to be performed ONLY by bank transfer.

Information for Bank transfer:
Account Holder: Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia
Bank: “UBI Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria”
Address: Agenzia Cravino, via Taramelli, 20, I-27100 Pavia (Italy)
IBAN: IT64I0311111309000000005853
reason for payment “GeCry school 2020, Registration, Name Surname” Galaxy Watch.

4. Perform registration to the Virtual Unified Office (VUO) of Elettra (the registration is required to access to ELETTRA lab and beamline) 컴퓨터 이미지 다운로드. More information will be sent to you by e-mail.
5. Send a copy of the bank transfer receipt to GeCry School email Email subject: “GeCry school 2020, School Fee, Name Surname”.

Invoicing for the registration fee will be sent by email.

In the case you need more information, please contact the Organization of the School by e-mail (