Are a you a young PhD, postdoc, or researcher who is taking first steps in the field of Protein Crystallography?

From Gene to Protein Crystal Structure” is the school tailored on you 매드맥스 다운로드.

This school is thought for all those who want to approach crystallography as a technique for structural biology studies and have limited or no experience in this field 알라딘 ost 다운로드. The main target of the school is to provide the most important and frequently used biological and crystallographic tools needed to get protein crystal structure by starting from gene information 이마트 전용서체 다운로드.

From Gene to Protein Crystal Structure” will be a full immersion hands-on school: theoretical information will condensed in few lessons and at least 4 hours per day will be dedicated to experiments in the lab for protein expression, data analysis and beam line data collection 기적의 피아노 다운로드.

The school will be held at ELETTRA Synchrotron (Basovizza, TS) and it is divided in two sessions:

  • Session I: “From Gene to Crystal”, 21-24 January 2020 (this session is mainly devoted to chemists and small molecule crystallographers)
  • Session II: “From Crystal to Structure”, 3-6 March 2020 (this session is mainly devoted to biologists and chemists)

From Gene to Protein Crystal Structure” is supported by Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia (Sezione Coordinamento Didattico e Gruppo Giovani) and it is organized along with Sezione Macromolecole Biologiche 쥬라기 월드 다운로드.